American Sign Language Role-Playing Game Group

FYI, RPG Research's founder, Hawke Robinson, has started up another ASL tabletop RPG group.
He ran ASL RPG groups for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community in Spokane, Washington from 2006 through 2012, and will be running ASL RPG tables at (virtual) GenCon 2020 this year.

The group is meeting every-other Saturday 10 am PST8PDT online.

Will be posting updates on .

Will be engaging the local Spokane Deaf community to help, but to avoid being too regional in dialect, hoping to get some other Deaf ASL signing RPGers to join in, any time.

First session was May 30th, second session June 13th.
Email for more information or to join.

The group is using the freely available Basic Fantasy RPG systems from as a starting point.

The goal of previous groups was just gaming for the benefit of gaming. These groups now are to try to help create and establish ASL signs for RPGing to make the game play smoother.

We'll expand over time to other game systems like D&D 5e, No Thank You Evil, and Doctor Who (among others), as soon as we can, depending on how many volunteers from the Deaf community join to help.

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