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This is INCREDIBLE FOR RPG RESEARCH! See the media release. Feel free to spread the word.

- 04/17/2020 04:52:42

As many of you know we have a very positive and synergistic relationship with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment / Dead Gentlemen Productions / TheFantasy.Network.
Hawke helped Ben Dobyns bring to reality TFN as a prototype in his living room over 3. years ago, and we're now on version 4 of the platform.
It is THIS platform that will be making this all a reality!  This is incredible for us!
Niklas & Hawke, plus others at RPG Research are helping making the back end and many other features for all of this a reality for TFN.

This means Hawke is going to be that much more swamped bringing this to reality in the coming intense weeks, so generally reach out to John and Danielle for help, and they will escalate to Hawke if necessary.

RPG Research Volunteer Staff