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- 04/22/2020 15:03:28

Greetings RPG Research Volunteers,

You can help even though you are remote.

WE NEED ALL RPG RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH ZOECON EVEN IF JUST AS A FREE PARTICIPANT OR PLAYER (you can give us very helpful feedback to improve the platform).

I cannot fully express in this email just how phenomenally significant making ZoeCon and then WorldCon on the TFN platform a success is to the future of RPG Research!

If we can help Ben & company pull this off well, we're going to be helping establish the world standards for such events going forward!

We need all hands to be aware of the following events critical to the growth of RPG Research, and to help in any way you can with the first one, ZoeCon, this weekend):
* ZoeCon - - April 24-25 (this Friday & Saturday)
* WorldCon / CoNZealand - July 29th to August 2nd
* GenCon -  (also July 29th through August 2nd).

As others may know we have a wonderful synergistic relationship with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, and we helped build important parts of TheFantasy.Network's platform.
We have been asked to continue this partnership in hosting WorldCon for around 10,000 people this summer!

Meanwhile Ben Dobyns, president of ZOE & TFN, wanted to run an early prototype con with ZoeCon IV. This is all rather last minute, but we need as many of our volunteers to help as possible.

The WorldCon event is now going to be fully virtual and on our platform (TFN's platform with RPG Research getting credit for helping make it a reality). 

If you can be available virtually (if not in Spokane), or at Hawke's house in one of our 5 broadcast studios, we need you to help this April 24th and/or April 25th. Whatever time slots you think you can be available, please offer.
Even if you can only just help as a ZoeCon participant to help us debug the platform and give a solid review and report so we can improve, that will be very helpful.
You can attend the event for free, or pay for some extra perks: (just select "Basic" and enter $0 for free option).

If you can GM, then please hurry and tell us what game(s) you can run, as per how we have been doing things for over a month now on our page.
Any TRPG you are comfortable running is welcomed.  We ask that every GM volunteer that feels ready to run at least one session, please step up and help us do so this weekend.
If enough of you do, we only need one session from each of you to offer a wonderful selection to ZoeCon participants. This is also a great chance to accelerate getting your requirements out of the way for your level one through four diploma requirements as player or GM trainee.

Everyone else can help us with organizing, spreading the word, getting other people to sign up as participants at ZoeCon, etc.

We have a double challenge with WorldCon, because this year it is the same year as GenCon.  However since WorldCon is virtual, though GenCon is not, we can still pull off being at BOTH conventions simultaneously, though it is going to provide some significant operations challenges. So far GenCon is still in-person, if that changes it will make things much easier on our end to be at both cons simultaneously, we'll let you know if it does change.

We need to help make ZoeCon an excellent success, and learn from any bugs it has, to prepare for the much larger WorldCon.  Then we'll start working out the details of juggling GenCon & WorldCon after ZoeCon is over and we get as many post-mortem reports from you as possible, to help improve it.


Thanks to all of you for all the great effort you have helped put in over the years, it is all really coming to fruition, and we couldn't have done it without you!
-Hawke Robinson
President & Founder, RPG Research 
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